Everything about Butcher Block

Butcher BlockKitchens, in order to be complete and highly efficient, need to have the best kitchen appliances and equipment. And one of the simplest yet most important elements is the chopping board, especially if you’re fond of cooking for large number of family members. A well-known form of chopping board is the butcher block, which is commonly in designs of assembled wood used often for heavy duty chopping blocks, cutting boards and table tops.
Such type of chopping board was originally designed for meat market and butcher shops but with its undoubted efficiency and convenience in cooking, this board has now been demanded by most homes in the US as well as in other countries. Aside from being an effective kitchen equipment, butcher block is now also perceived as additional kitchen decoration, setting as tables and even storage shelves.

Common Types of Butcher Block

Edge Grain Butcher Block, also known as long grain block and is often used in making common cutting board. This butcher block is often crafted by combining pieces of wood altogether with the edge grain turned up. However, edge grain blocks are not as versatile as compared to other types, which is why it is one of the cheapest options you could have.

End Grain Block, known as the traditional block due to its ability to withstand heavy dicing, cutting and chopping making it a more versatile option for homeowners. Users who have kitchen top are recommended to have this style of butcher block.

Oil Finish, this is often preferred by professional chefs and butchers because of its excellent features including being highly hygienic and extremely durable.

Varnished Finish, a popular option because of its defined aesthetics. It is also more convenient to sanitize as well as more stain resistant.

Keeping Butcher Block Sanitized

In order to keep the foods you’re chopping and cutting using the butcher block as healthy as possible, you definitely have to keep it sanitized to ensure cleanliness of food aside from purposes of longevity.
• Seasoning the butcher block is definitely one of the first steps you have to consider. This will help in preventing it from getting stained, absorbing unhealthy particles as well as bad odors, which can be simply achieved from foods including fish, onions, cheese and the like.

• The surface should always be kept oiled in order to seal the wood, but never use cooking or vegetable oil for this as it may damage the surface.

• Using a soft lint and fresh cloth for seasoning is also recommended.

• Before wiping off after each application, you have to wait for several hours before the next application.

• Preventing cross contamination could be done by washing it off with mild dishwashing soap and hot water. Avoid using chemically-based cleaning materials.

• Always use dish towel or a clean sponge for scrubbing the surface as well as when drying it.

• You can also use a white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide every after use to disinfect the surface.

Long-term Benefits of this Cutting Board

You should know that with proper maintenance and sanitation, you could practically experience the long-term benefits of butcher block including ability to oppose bacteria as well as scratch and stain. And with the kind of qualities of this product, you can be absolutely sure that it is a good kitchen appliance investment.

Purchasing Microwave Cart Based on Your Needs

microwave cartMicrowave carts add new and creative storage spaces for those with small kitchens or to those who want to change their kitchen design. It is possible to achieve effective storage and natural beauty in the same kitchen. A Microwave cart is available in variety of materials and styles. This small and useful stand also offers storage space for small kitchen appliances and it may have space for food preparation. It actually helps in organizing your home, thus enabling you to easily and quickly find the things you need in the kitchen.

Choosing the right material is important since some materials may not be appropriate for all of your storage needs. For instance, you would not want to put something private in cart made of clear plastic or glass. Microwave carts come in different assortment of materials such as fabric, plastic, wood glass, stone and metal.

Selecting the right style is also important in order to ensure that the cart matches the kitchen in which it will sit and also matches with the overall décor of our house. Matching with the house décor is important if you will use it in more than one room. The various microwave cart styles include traditional, casual and contemporary.

When shopping for a microwave cart, you need to look for one that is durable and can withstand the weight of your microwave. You can also spend some time checking on its dimensions, storage space and the materials the cart is made of. Prices usually differ depending on the type of material. It is advisable to buy a metal or a solid wooden microwave cart if you have a heavy microwave or oven.

A solid wooden cart can withstand the weight of kitchen appliances without cracking or falling apart. You can spend some extra pennies in purchasing a long lasting and high quality kitchen cart. A solid wooden microwave cart is available in different styles and has one or two shelves on top and storage cabinets. In case you are on a tight budget, have a tiny kitchen or smaller microwave you can purchase a smaller cart with smaller storage space.

Mobility is another factor that should be considered when purchasing microwave cart. Available with or without wheels, both carts can help add style, additional working space and versatility. When purchasing those with wheels, it is good to go for those with locking wheels. Microwave carts with heavy locking wheels will allow docking it very easily anywhere in the house.

It is also wise to check on the storage space for convenience and easy storage of readily used items. Microwave carts can be available in design with cabinet style, drawer style or open shelves. Other carts may also feature drop leaf, knife racks and towel bars. The drop leaf increases the utility of the cart and the work area.

Microwave carts gives you the ability to prepare a world class cuisine since you have enough space for your food preparations. In addition, it makes your kitchen to be effectively organized, more spacious and comfortable. Due to wide selection of microwave carts, it is possible to get one that suits your specific needs.

The Benefits of Using a Butcher Block Table

Butcher Block TableThere are several advantages to using a butcher block table and indeed knowing about them before you go ahead and buy one is certainly advisable in order to ensure that it will actually meet your needs. This particular kitchen object has been used since the 1880′s, so what is it that has allowed it to stand the test of time and what are the options that are available to you?

First, there is the fact that it is actually quite a clean object thanks to the way in which the wood, which is often maple, that it is made from is often quite porous in nature. The problem here is that most people actually believe that this would make it unhealthy and prone to being covered in bacteria, but that is not the case as test have shown that cleaning it immediately after use prevents that buildup of germs allowing you to use it on a regular basis over an extended period of time.

Next, you will also find that your butcher block table is kinder to your kitchen knives as the wood itself does not dull them no matter how often they are being used. In previous decades it was actually common for a butcher to have the same block over his entire career and to simply plane the old rough edges down in order to then have a nice, clean cutting surface. Clearly this does not apply to the type of block that you will buy for your kitchen, but it does show how sturdy they are and how you will not have to replace them at any point.

However, in order to ensure that your table does actually last for quite some time you need to take care of it and the best thing to do is to have it treated with special food safe oil. Clearly this is important to stop yourself from poisoning your food, but once it is treated it will help to stop that bacteria from sticking in the wood as long as you wipe it clean on a regular basis. When cleaning it simply use water and an antibacterial cleanser, but always allow it to fully dry before cutting on it again to avoid cross-contamination.

Finally, there is the benefit of its general appearance as the styles available do mean that you can choose something that fits into a traditional kitchen, country style, modern, or anything else. You have the option of buying a plain table purely for cutting on or alternatively there are options with drawers or racks to increase its usability. Shopping around is, therefore, very important.

In short, there are several benefits with the butcher block table and with the variety of tables that are now available it should also look quite good in your kitchen. Look at the size, as there are several on the market, and do look for different colors of wood to get something that blends in with the rest of your room. Choose wisely and you will have a butcher block table that will serve you for years.


My New Kitchen

I had decided to redesign my kitchen several months ago and was focusing primarily on quality. Not that I am a material person by any means but I do appreciate the finer things in life. In the end I decided on purchasing my kitchen island with custom John Boos butcher block  from Butcher Block Co. and let me say that they are awesome from beginning to end.

Take a look at the finished product – that’s my kitchen and if I say so myself, quite impressive!

Butcher Block Countertop







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